1. accuracy(noun)
Meaning: Precision; exactness
Example: The research department checks all our articles for accuracy of facts before we print them.
Usage tips: Accuracy is often followed by of.
Parts of speech: accurate(adjective) , accurately(adverb)

  1. adjacent(adjective)
    Meaning: Next to
    Example: Even though the villages are(adjective) acent to each other, their residents speak different languages.
    Usage tips:(adjective) acent is often followed by to.
    Parts of speech:(adjective) acency(noun)

  2. compress(verb)
    Meaning: To press together
    Example: To make the foundation stronger, they compressed the soil before pouring the concrete.
    Parts of speech: compression(noun), compressed(adjective)

  3. feasibly(adverb)
    Meaning: Practically; in a way that can work
    Example: Scientists can’t feasibly bring energy from deep ocean currents to where it is needed on land.
    Parts of speech: feasibility(noun), feasible(adjective)


    1. gut(verb)
      Meaning: To empty or hollow out
      Example: In order to remodel the house, we must first gut it and throw away all the old fixtures.
      Usage tips: Gut also means “the stomach of an animal”; this verb makes an image, that the inside of a building is like the inside of an animal.
      Parts of speech: gut(noun), gutted(adjective)

    2. integrally(adverb)
      Meaning: In a whole or complete manner
      Example: Writing and spelling are taught integrally as part of the reading program.
      Parts of speech: integrate(verb), integrity(noun), integral(noun), integral(adjective)

    3. overlap(verb)
      Meaning: To lie over part of something; to have elements in common
      Example: One of the two assistants will likely get fired, since most of their duties in the office overlap.
      Parts of speech: overlap(noun)

    4. retain(verb)
      Meaning: To keep or hold
      Example: The rain fell so heavily that the banks of the river could not retain all the water.
      Parts of speech: retainer(noun), retention(noun)

    5. seep(verb)
      Meaning: To pass slowly for a long time, as a liquid or gas might
      Example: As the containers rusted, the toxic waste seeped into the ground.
      Usage tips: Seep is often followed by into or through.

    6. structure(noun)
      Meaning: Something constructed, such as a building
      Example: Most companies have a social structure that can’t be understood by outsiders.
      Parts of speech: structure(verb), structural(adjective) , structurally(adverb)

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