being a teacher

There is no doubt, the number of total occupations and job preferences have significantly increased. Nowadays, being a teacher is not very attractive for young generation like it was before. In this essay, the reasons of this change will be discussed with emphasizing the possible reasons and the solution.
In my opinion, the first and foremost reason is the increasing number of new prestigious jobs due to the invention of the information technology. In this competitive environment being a teacher is not as popular as computer engineering or data engineering. Young people incline to choose these trendy jobs due to their wide range of applications.
I think the second reason for this problem is a lack of career opportunities for students who decide to be a teacher as a profession. In fact, other people who work in other fields can decide to be a teacher later. Idealist people obviously cannot be targeted enough due to lack of further career opportunities.
In order to help this profession to be trend again goverment must develop the strategies to foster this job. This solution must include extra financial support and further possible career opportunities. Idealist individuals must be targeted to be a teacher and their needings and further ideals must be considered before determining the plan to attract young students who are planning to draw their future plans.
Finally, Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs which must attract the young generation. I can say that this profession needs to be fostered by the government to allow to create a well-educated society.

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