The diagram illustrates the process of paper-making and recycling. In general, there are 4 subsequent stages to make paper while there are 7 different circular steps to recycle the paper.
Making a paper is a relatively simple process. First of all, raw trees are processed with radiata pine thinnings. Then, it is de-barked before chipped. Then, it was sent to a paper-making machine after the thermomechanical refiner stage.
During the recycling, a product of paper which is newsprint was collected in the kerbside collection. Subsequently, papers were de-inked. In the subsequent stage, they were cleaned and fine screened before the phase of thermomechanical recycling and mix. The processed paper involved with papermaking machine which is the common process in both given systems. In addition to that, the thermomechanical mechanism is common in both systems.
As a result, It is clear that producing paper is a simple process compared to recycling the newsprint.

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