IELTS map related sample 3 maps comparison

Given maps illustrate the environment of Someland’s in the years 1950, 1980 and 2010.
In general, there are several buildings such as playground, school, post office and supermarket. All the three given years the playground and the school was included. In 2010, both constructions were unified at the North East.
It is clear that in 1980 playground and school were at the same location as in 1950. In addition, car park and post office were added. The supermarket was part of the post office construction as well.
In 2010, all the given map changed. In detail, the park was located to the North West of the map while the school and playground were located at the North East part of the map. The shopping center and the car park also covered almost half of the given map and located at the South.
Finally, the total number of buildings have increased and all these buildings have built at the same structure.

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