eating together with family

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Having meals with all members of a family is a tradition for thousands of years in many cultures. Nowadays, the tradition is disappearing. In this essay, reasons of these changes and possible negative effects on the community and family will be discussed.
There are several reasons which can account for this changing trend. Firstly, individuals care their time management more than their relationship with members of their family. Decreasing emphasis on family relationships is also one of the primary reasons. Besides, it also related with the first reason that I have mentioned. With the invention of the information technology, people have started to spend all their time on their computer or mobile phones.
Fastfood culture also significantly affects the way in which we eat. Moreover, this culture has emphasized the eating time and created a hedonistic eating culture which put yourself in the center of everything.
In my opinion, eating lonely may dissever essential family relationships and increase the likelihood of being an isolated person but humans are not solitary animals. In fact, it is proved that social isolation and diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases are significantly associated. With that researches the illusion of we do not need other people is disproved and the important role of social interaction is emphasized.
Finally, I have summarized changing eating together habit and have explained it with several reasons. In order to prevent several diseases and promote community health government must develop strategies which include educational policies.

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