writing task 2 sample salary of high position

Some individuals have not criticized high salaries of senior managers compared to other lower-ranked employers who work with the same effort and similar set of skills. I completely disagree this statement due to the fact that the most important factor which improves efficiency is not how many years they have worked for the organization.
Firstly, it is clear that all employers generally work for 7 hours in a day and governments determine a minimum wage which is adequate to make living. In that case, we can see that the passion which aiming to make more money is not highly necessary in terms of staying alive. Besides that, the total budget of high senior managers leading other workers to have a less salary which means less welfare and efficiency.
On the other hand, senior managers may think that they deserve their salary due to their unique skills and their previous experience and they also may try to justify this with the idea which everybody has the same opportunity. This greedy statement only serves for the gracious individuals who aiming to use others’ effort. From the perspective of an economy, there are no unique skills that differentiate managers from other workers. It is nothing but an illusion which causes serious problems such as hunger or health for a long time.
Finally, I believe that there must be a standard salary for every kind of job all over the world. The standardization will help society to love and understand each other and also may promote peace all among the world.

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