contacting with employers all the time writing task 2 essay.

Some executive managers always want to be able to reach out their workers, even on public holidays or in an emergency situation. In my opinion, this development has more advantages than disadvantages to some degree.
Firstly, there are some specific jobs such as medical doctor, security engineer or police which require full-time contact possibility by managers due to possible emergency situations. Besides that,
there are other occupations such as teacher, nurse, and lawyer which have significantly less emergency possibility compared to these jobs. But if these individuals who work in these jobs isolate themselves from others who in need help, they undoubtedly will be severely criticized by society. For example, if
parents of a student cannot contact a teacher of his child. He or she possibly thinks that the teacher is not adequate enough and do not care about their students.
On the other hand, it is necessary to offer a free space for workers who want to get relax without thinking about their profession and always keeping in touch with managers maybe not very
healthy in terms of the psychological health of a staff. As psychological researches indicated heavy conditions in work environment can negatively affect both psychological health and efficiency. Especially stress-related disorders such as anxiety or depression highly associated with a pressure of a workload and employers must be aware these possible problems which may lead to reducing efficiency in long-term.
In conclusion, I believe that the staff of an organization or company must be reachable but only for emergency situations so that they will have a stress-free environment to work more efficiently later.

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