music vs science writing task 2 sample

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Some social scientists claim that instead of fostering music education in schools. An education system should include other fields such as computers and science. I partially agree with this statement. In my opinion, information technology and science must be integrated with other lessons.
Firstly, an invention of information technology has significantly changed what is important in terms of a contribution to society. Some governments have managed to keep up with these changing trends and allow students to choose to study on topics such as programming, data engineering or biotechnology. Programming lessons are included both elementary and high school program. But there is a problem with implementing these into a system in terms of integration with other subjects thus educators should be able to add elements of programming into music.
On the other hand, music has been one of the most essential parts of education systems. If the system of education only forces to engage students in other subjects, it is possible that musical talents will have no opportunity to discover their relevant skills. Potential musical professionals such as Mozart and Beethoven will choose to be a computer engineer in case a music education is not involved in their school experience. Besides that, musical education also targets different skills which cannot be improved by learning programming and science.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that music has such benefits on children that cannot be denied by educators. Music education and new fields such as computer science and biotechnology should be offered to pupils as an optional lesson.

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