Solving pollution problems

Some individuals believe solving the problems related to pollution which stem from heavy traffic is responsibility of the government. In my opinion, the government is primarily responsible for fixing these problems due to the fact that citizens are paying their taxes which suppose to be used to improve the environment.
Firstly, individuals are unable to deal with the heavy traffic by themselves. They need to access the resources of government to determine possible reasons of the traffic issue. Secondly, there is the fact that there are related government institutions which primarily responsible for traffic. Besides that, none of the citizens will take the responsibility of managing the traffic while there is an organization which expected to fix these problems. Therefore, in some countries such as Iran and the United Arab Emirates, it is not possible to take initiative on these issues because it is not legal to insinuate the inadequacy of the government.
On the other hand, there are some other people who claim that environmental issues should not be the primary concern of governments. They address other unsolved problems such as hunger and housing to justify their hypothesis. Most governments accept their responsibilities regarding the environmental issues which disturbing citizens, but in fact solving heavy traffic was never the first priority of governments. Therefore, citizens also are accused because they never voted for environmentalist leaders and the politicians never interested in to make an effort to target these problems.
In conclusion, I completely agree with the statement which claims responsibility of government includes solving a pollution problem after dealing with one of the main reasons.

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