money and happiness writing task 2 sample

Some individuals believe that having much money is one of the most important factors in increasing the likelihood of being happy. I completely disagree statement which emphasizes the importance of financial assets in terms of happiness. I think people can manage to be happy without having much money.
Researches have proved that being happy is independent of having a high salary or living in a big mansion. Money is nothing but a tool to buy different materials although it was perceived as a symbol of welfare. I think poor people have the possibility to be happier than rich people. Therefore, Even being a rich may bring several problems into life.
On the other hand, there are minimum welfare standards which possibly interact someone’s happiness level. Individuals must be able to live without worrying about their basic expenses such as food and accommodation.
There are several factors contribute to happiness. First and foremost factor is a social environment. Interacting with other members of society primarily affects our mood. For example, if one of our friends is happy and positive. his mood can suddenly influence how we feel. Moreover, another important factor is our health. Our health condition primarily affects how we feel. It is proved that doing regular sports can account for happiness more than being rich.
In conclusion, I believe that happiness is not highly correlated with the amount of money we have. But, there are minimum requirements in terms of food and housing which affect a happiness level.

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