government health funding IELTS Writing task 2 essay sample

Government health funding is generally used in two categories which are prevention of health problems and diseases. In my opinion, most of the government funding must be spent on prevention of health problems.
Firstly, undoubtedly preventing diseases is cheaper than treating them. For example, there are cancer drugs which can cost more than one hundred thousand dollars. In fact, simple advice such as doing regular sport, avoiding fast food can reduce the likelihood of having cancer.
Besides that, treating diseases includes a complicated process and starts with diagnosing the disease to finding the solution. But prevention strategies are relatively simpler than medicine. These strategies generally involved with education to influence people.
Therefore, prevention strategies have also extra beneficial effects on citizens. Playing chess may be helpful to prevent an Alzheimer and this also helps them to increase their concentration level.
Finally, the money that spent on treatment is related to how people choose to live. More specifically, if someone chooses to smoke, it means he is also guilty of the money spent on his treatment.
On the other hand, investing in treatment and medicine is highly essential for health of community. There are diseases which cannot be prevented by a government. It is also possible that the money which allocated on a research of treatment can be more economical.
In conclusion, I believe that a government should invest in preventing diseases instead of spending time to treat them. In long-term, preventing diseases will be more beneficial to a government and a society.

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