writing task 1 computer ownership

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The bar graphs illustrate computer ownership as a percentage of the population in the years between 2002 and 2010 and by education level for 2002 and 2010. Overall, computer ownership peaked in 2010 reached almost 80 % while the figure was approximately 50 % in 2002. Between the years percentage of computer ownership was gradually increased to more than % 60 in 2010.
In 2002, the percentage of people with a high school diploma was almost four times higher than the percentage in 2010 while the number of high school graduate was 2 times higher than the figure in 2002. In both years, both bachelor’s degree figures (% 70, % 90 respectively) and postgraduate qualification figures (almost 80 % and % 90 respectively) were similar. Besides that, education levels after high school were very similar in 2010.
Finally, computer ownership was positively correlated to education level. The difference between the figures was the highest in the no high school diploma group in both years.

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