line graph and pie chart, Coca-cola (unhealthy weird drink) shares

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The bar chart and the line graph illustrate regarding sales and share prices for Coca-Cola. Overall, North America figures accounted for 30.4 % of sales which was the highest while the lowest sales figures were in Africa and the Middle East.
Sales numbers of Europe was almost 3 times higher than the numbers of Africa and the Middle East. Sales of Asia was also similar to figures of Europe ( %16.4). But figures of North America was approximately two times higher than sales in Asia.
Coca-Cola share price percentage was slightly higher than 30 % and this number significantly increased to approximately 70 % after a year. After 1997, this number decreased to almost 60 percent but then, reached the peak to more than 70 % in 1998. There was a fluctuation between the years 1998 and 1999. In 1999, this figure declined to nearly 60 %. In the following year, the number was sharply increased to 60 percent again and reached to nearly 60 %.

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