why people attend universities and colleges? writing task 2

Individuals attend educational institutions for various reasons such as increased intellect and new experiences. In my opinion, people attend colleges and university because they believe that attending a university is the only way to be successful.
There is no doubt, first and foremost reason of going universities is a passion to make more money after graduation. Education is a tool to achieve a success. Only a limited number of students profoundly interested in to learn. Besides that, education is increasingly being important to have a job. Recruiting managers are eliminating candidates who have a lack of education. Candidates who hold a master or Ph.D. degree preferred by human resources. Secondly, the importance of education is emphasized by parents for many years. New generation is subconsciously following the path of their parents. Government is also promoting education.
On the other hand, university education may help a society in terms of developing science, therefore, improving technology but it is possible that students who join university losing their valuable time with learning theoretical knowledge. They could spend that time with something more useful and also some jobs do not require a university education. Moreover, In some countries, universities are built to make a profit like a company. After graduation, they realize that recruiters are more interested in experienced candidates and their education is not very valuable for them.
Finally, participating universities have many benefits for both student and society. I think college or university education is selected due to the fact that education is the only way to be successful for poor citizens.

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