technology vs traditional media

Some individuals claim that product of information technology such as e-books and modern technology will completely replace traditional newspaper and magazines. I partially agree with this statement due to the fact that information technology can present information better while there are exceptions which require use of paper.
Firstly, the product of traditional media such as paper is dependent on natural resources. Even the sources are renewable, number of trees is still gradually decreasing. Some researchers warn against the possibility of crisis regarding the amount of sources. These limited sources will be completely disappeared or accessing to them will be luxury for most of the people.
Secondly, a traditional media is unable to offer interactivity which can be simply offered by interactive websites. More specifically people have the opportunity to comment on news. Therefore, it is proved that internet is more popular than newspapers. Also, engineer students who study on a programming need computers. Only the interface and the functions of the program assist student.
From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, humans are not adapted to spend all their time on the internet. Looking at a screen is associated with several diseases such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, internet addiction and depression. Therefore, internet addiction may cause to lack of physical activity. In addition, some people prefer to read on paper to concentrate better on a document.
In conclusion, I believe that information technology should replace the traditional media. Production of the books and the magazines should be limited and use of technology must be promoted by governments.

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