violence in the media and society

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Some researchers claim that violence in the media increases the likelihood of violence in society. I partially agree with this statement. Violence in the media may change how people behave while I also believe that violence in the games and media is an inseparable part of both the online and the traditional game industry.
It has been proved that humankind incline to show violent behavior if their social environment suitable to develop a personality which allows them to behave aggressively. In one experimental psychology research, children who watch the violent tv shows and the series have significantly changed their behavior. More specifically, a child who watches a tv most likely to start to perceive violence as a normal behavior.
There is no doubt, the new generation is insensitive on the societal problems compared the old generation. From a sociological perspective, the media is affected communities extensively. In the U.S., children have started to shout other students’ due to their exposure to news. In some countries especially young people harassed tourists because they have been taught that it is normal in their countries.
On the other hand, censoring the traditional media may not solve the related problems due to the fact that most children are using the internet. In addition, governments may justify their undemocratic actions to control the media.
In conclusion, I believe that individuals who under the age of 18 must be prohibited from watching tv programs and playing games which consists of a violent content. Parents must be promoted to be careful about the online activities of their children.


  • if their social environment is suitable

    It has been proven that human beings incline to show violent behavior if their social environment is suitable to develop...

    child who watches TV is most likely to start

    compared to the older generation

    are under the age of 18

    which consist of violent content

    Parents must be advised

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