overweight, obesity Essay Writing task 2 sample.

Some individuals who are at risk of having health problems because of being overweight is significantly increasing. There are several reasons of the overweight problem such as lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits and hedonistic philosophy.
Invent of information technology has significantly changed our lives. Young people have started to addicted to internet and computer games so that they are not interested in physical activity. In addition, most occupations regarding the information technology do not involve with physical activity. Besides that, social isolation is also common at children who are addicted to internet. As researches indicated social isolation is associated with being overweight.
Unhealthy eating habit is another main reason of being overweight. Fast food culture has drastically changed the way in which we eat. Eating unhealthy foods has normalized by the popular media. The popular media also highly recommend hedonism and people only try to maximize their pleasure from their lives.
In order to solve overweight problem, government must invest in researches regarding the problem. This researches must be promoted to study on this topic to solve the problem. Price of being a member of sports center should be reduced to increase the number of people who are doing sports regularly. In my opinion, some fast food chains should be prohibited due to the fact that they are poisoning children.
In conclusion, overweight problem which is increasing in the community has to be carefully managed by government. Curriculum of primary education must include lessons regarding the problem.

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