bar chart, counties of Oregon

The bar chart illustrates the change of population in 3 different counties between the years 1940 and 2000. Overall, the population of Washington was higher than the other 2 counties that have a similar population. In all 3 counties, the population saw an increasing trend.
Both the number of Yamhill and Columbia population was gradually increased to almost 45 thousand from approximately 30 thousand between 1940 and 1970. After that period, figures of Colombia and Yamhill was increased to exactly 75 thousand and just 90 thousand respectively in 2000.
The population of Washington was 75 thousand in 1940. The figure rose significantly to almost 120 thousand which is approximately 4 times higher than the population of Columbia in 1970. After the year 1970, the figure was increased sharply to nearly 240 thousand.
Finally, the population in the state of Oregon saw an increasing trend. At the end of the period the population of Washington, Columbia and Yamhill were approximately 240 thousand, 90 thousand and 75 thousand respectively.

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