Online sales for retail sector in Canada, Writing task 1, pie chart.

The pie charts illustrate the sales of online shopping for retail sectors in Canada in both 2005 and 2010. Overall, the percentage of electronics&appliance account for the highest number in both years. Moreover, the figure of video games and electronics &appliance had changed by 5 percent while other figures namely home furnishings and food&beverage had changed by just 10 percent.
In 2005, the percentage of the food&beverage ( %22) and home furnishings (%25) were similar. By 2010, the difference between the figures was by exactly % 7. Therefore, the figure of food&beverage ( %32) and electronics&appliance (%30) were similar.
In 2010, both the number of video games and food&beverage had risen to % 23 and % 32 respectively meanwhile the rate of electronics&appliance and video games had increased to % 32 and % 23 from % 22 and % 18 respectively.
It is clear that the share of half of the retail sectors had risen while the rest of the sectors had decreased.

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