Different Scottish adults activities, Table chart

The table illustrates the output of a survey which asked 6800 Scottish adults who aged over 15 years in terms of their participation in different cultural activities in the last year.
Overall, there are four different age categories. Any performance was the most participated activity in all the age groups except in 45-74 years group.
Undertaking any crafts and cultural purchases explained the same rate in the 16-24 and 25-44 age groups (% 11, % 17 respectively). Besides that, any writing and computer based activities made up 5 percent of in 45-74 age group.
In the all aged 16 and over group, the figure of computer based accounted for % 6 while any writing made up % 7. In both age groups over 25, the figure of any writing and computer based were similar on the contrary the figures of any writing (%17) and computer based ( %10) were almost two times higher than the other age groups.

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