pie chart in Malaysia and Japan

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The pie charts illustrate the average household expenditures namely housing, transport, food, healthcare and other goods and services in Japan and Malaysia in 2010.
Overall, the rate of healthcare accounted for the least expenditure in 2 countries. Moreover, the percentage of food was the second highest household expenditures in Japan and Malaysia.
The percentage of healthcare (6 %) and the transport rate (20 %) in Japan was two times higher than in Malaysia (3 %, 10 % respectively). In both countries, the number of other goods and services and food was similar. These numbers were more than 20 percent.
In Japan, the percentage of other goods and services (just 29 %) explains the highest rate while housing rate (34 %) explains the greatest rate in Malaysia.
It is clear that the number of other goods and services and housing explains half of the expenditure in Japan while in Malaysia, housing and transport made up less than 50 percent (only 44 %).

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