The bar chart population of 5 cities Tokyo, Newyork, Shanghai, Bombay, Jakarta

The bar chart illustrates the growth in the population in 5 cities and the distribution of the population in terms of living in urban and rural areas. Populations are measured in millions.

Overall, there are 5 different cities namely Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Bombay, Jakarta. The population of Tokyo was the greatest in all given period while the population of Jakarta was the lowest except in 2010.

At the beginning of the period, the number of people who live in New York was similar to the population of Shanghai (almost 15 million and more than 10 million respectively). But after 20 years, the population of New York (more than 15 million) was significantly more than the population of Shanghai (approximately 15 million).

In 1970, the population of Bombay (exactly 5 million) was almost 2 times higher than Jakarta’s population. In 1990, the population of Bombay was still higher than the population of Jakarta. Bombay’s population saw the greatest change and reached to more than 25 million which was almost as high as the Tokyo’s population.

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