the queen hospital map diagrams.

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The given 3 diagrams illustrate the developments have taken place at Queen Mary Hospital since the year 1960.
In general, the field of the hospital remained unchanged in all given period while the car park was also at the same location except in 2000. Moreover, public health services have added after 1960.
In 1960, there were 4 buildings which almost had the same size. Shopping center and farmland had demolished by 1980. Cancer center and pharmacy had been built next to the hospital. Therefore, farmland had replaced by the nursing school after the demolition.
By 2000, Cancer center had tripled its size and replaced more than half of the size of the nursing school. The size of the car park had halved as well.
It is clear that at the end of the period, the cancer center had the greatest size while nursing school, car park and pharmacy had a similar size which approximately half of the size of the hospital.


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    The diagrams show Queen Mary Hospital at three different stages in its development: 1960, 1980 and 2000.

    In 1960, the hospital was built close to a main road and next to a shopping centre. A large area behind the hospital was turned into a car park, while the area behind the shopping centre was farmland.

    By 1980, the shopping centre had been demolished in order to make way for two additional hospital building which became a pharmacy and a cancer centre. Furthermore, the hospital gained the farmland and converted it into a nursing school.

    In 2000, the main hospital building remained unchanged but the cancer centre was extended to cover the entire nursing school. As a result of this, the original car park was divided into two so that it provided a smaller car park and a small nursing school.

    During this period, the hospital has increased in size and, in addition to a new nursing school, a cancer centre has been created and extended. Hence the capacity of the car park has been reduced by a half.

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