learner için tanımlar
a person who is learning a subject or skill.
a fast learner
learners örnekleri
You would find that there isn't much, if any, difference in the amount recalled by the fast learners versus the slow learners .
Mere emphasis on theory would ultimately lead to an aversion in the learners towards the subject.
What is then the purpose of learners studying nine subjects?
And these are not slow learners trying to catch up with their classmates but talented pupils eager to extend their breadth of knowledge about their chosen subject.
The old egalitarian idea that fast learners would pull slow learners along with them was not just unfair; it was mistaken and horribly wasteful.
After acquiring the basic skills, the learners are made to write down their life experiences and aspirations and what they have gained from the programme.
To get the best out of their learning experience, learners need basic computer skills, support, and guidance.
Members of a class do not move forward uniformly, and the varying rates of fast, average, and slow learners may pose problems for teacher and students.
And then there is a whole category of students who are slow learners .
Slow learners and late starters have, over time, proven just the opposite.
One of the tallest barriers to improving mature learners ' skills is simply stepping back into a classroom, whether that is a library reading group or a pub language class.
One of the main issues which tortures learners of the language is the fact that we as Gaels are so unwilling to continue speaking our own language when we realise that the person we are speaking to is not completely fluent.
Surround those slow learners with fast learners who understand how to promote their creative ideas.
The section on writing skills helps the learner write the alphabet, while describing how to pronounce each of the alphabets.
For a learner to acquire skills in a foreign language, correctness of speech in his mother tongue should be taught.
I repeated it easily; I'd always been a fast learner with languages.
a fast learner
I was always regarded as a slow learner , but if I was interested in a subject, I believe I could keep pace with any of my schoolmates.
a fast learner
Just as you cannot hide from the learner, so the learner 's knowledge, skills, and attitudes will become apparent to you.
Besides displaying one's own skills, the learner also has to train a few students in the group to qualify for an advanced certificate on diving.
Every test will inevitably measure both what the learner knows about the particular subject matter and the learner 's proficiency in the particular language.
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