transcend (v) =aşmak
to go beyond the usual limits of something // This is role playing at its worst; we must transcend these roles. / ‘We transcend these limits to find a love that is magical and created by a force greater than us, just for us.’ / ‘As already mentioned, the theory of conceptual blending transcends the study of metaphor.’ / ‘There is nothing that transcends God so nothing is greater than his essence.’

More Examples
Ryder Cup golfers should not be portrayed as honest amateurs, but this event transcends like no other. / ‘In this context, going beyond the form means transcending the notion of bread as commodity and examining the labor that made it possible.’ / ‘It's certainly not as if the movie's interpretation transcended the limits of romance.’ / ‘Real spiritual practices can help one to transcend material activities.’ / She doesn't worry about transcending anything, or tuning in to universal themes.
About Word
to go beyond the usual limits of something // be greater in scope or size than some standard // It would be nice to transcend the narrow limits of this brief definition, and go to greater lengths to describe this word's glories! Transcend means to move upward and beyond something. // No doubt you know about the words transcontinental or maybe trans fats? The prefix trans is used to mean "beyond, across" and transcend takes this even farther by adding in a sense of upwardness with the stem cend. A pop artist with a lot of talent might transcend the genre of pop. You can't assume a person's opinion on national security by party affiliation — it often transcends party lines.
transcend / ascend / scan / scandere (latincede "tırmanmak") -> scan ile ascend benzerdir. Çünkü ancak ascend olan (yukarıda olan; yukarıdan gören) ---> tarama yapabilir, gözatma yapabilir, görüntüleme yapabilir (scan) /// mid-14c., from Latin transcendere "climb over or beyond, surmount," from trans- "beyond" (see trans- ) + scandere "to climb" (see scan (v.)). Related: Transcended ; transcending.

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