deformity (n)
a condition in which part of someone’s body is not the normal shape // children born with deformities If left untreated, it can cause severe nerve damage, deformity and disability. / Hannah, from Albania, was born with a bone deformity in her left leg, which had to be amputated.
More Examples
The joints should be carefully examined for effusion, limitation of motion, or deformities. / But please hurry up if you want to avoid the nerve damage and deformity that result from long-term exposure to the germ. / During the course of dissections of cadaver club feet he recognized the role of muscles and tendons rather than bones in this deformity.
About Word
a deformed part, especially of the body; a malformation. // a condition in which part of someone’s body is not the normal shape // A deformity happens when a body part is misshapen. A deformity can also be a change for the worse in something's appearance. A two-headed kitten has a deformity. // Usually a deformity is the result of an accident or a genetic defect. Although most people want to avoid deformities, in the novel Geek Love by Katherine Dunn (1989), the mother of a circus family takes drugs while she’s pregnant, hoping to cause deformities in her children. She succeeds with her son Arturo, who has flippers instead of arms and legs. In his world, people with regular arms and legs have the deformity. Add to List...
early 15c., diformyte, from Old French deformité "deformity, disfigurement," from Latin deformitatem (nominative deformitas) "ugliness," from deformis "misformed, misshapen," from deformare (see deform ).
The girl looked out the window and saw three women with strange deformities. Authorities have said many of the animals were underweight and had fleas or deformities. dɪˈfɔːməti

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