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badger (n, v)
annoy persistently / an animal that has black and white fur, lives in holes in the ground, and is active at night
More Examples
Badger victory Wildlife campaigners are celebrating after winning an 18 year fight to protect badgers from badger baiting. Much more tricky than knowing if you've found a badger sett, is knowing whether or not it is still active. Together these add up to good badger country. Every day more and more badgers are being tortured and slaughtered. But some patients, especially the badgers can be awkward. A dreadful cross for the badger to bear. It was through him that Mr Jackson became hooked on watching the badgers in their natural habitat.
About Word
Badger is to bother. Persistently. On and on. Without stop. Relentlessly. Over and over. Endlessly. It comes from the name of that chipmunk-like animal that burrows into the ground. If you badger someone, you get under their skin. A badger is an animal that digs tunnels under ground to keep warm. To badger can also mean to persuade someone through constant annoying efforts. You might badger your mom to add another hour to your curfew or badger your friend to give you a turn with a video game he has been hogging.
1520s, perhaps from bage "badge" (see badge ) + -ard "one who carries some action or possesses some quality," suffix related to Middle High German -hart "bold" (see -ard ). If so, the central notion is the badge-like white blaze on the animal's forehead (cf. French blaireau "badger," from Old French blarel, from bler "marked with a white spot;" also obsolete Middle English bauson "badger," from Old French bauzan, literally "black-and-white spotted"). But blaze (n.2) was the usual word for this.
journalists badgered him about the deals Humans could have embraced another small species, like badgers or foxes. bædʒə(r)

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