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artifice (n)
the use of clever tricks to deceive someone / If a politician pretends to be angry as a way of rousing the anger of the voters and getting more votes, he's guilty of artifice — a subtle and crafty trick.
More Examples
Marsha Hunt and Thulani Davis have no need for this kind of artifice. This is not wild, uncontrolled nature, but greenery as artifice and symbol. Though he deceived the beholder into taking his artifice for reality, Zeuxis practised an idealist art. What is now considered natural is the result of learned artifice. However, there is no copying, no artifice. Not that she seeks pedestals; there seems no artifice about her. These works, in some way, seem timeless and devoid of artifice.
About Word
Before taking on its current meaning, artifice meant a skilled piece of workmanship. A beautiful diamond bracelet might have been considered a piece of artifice, for example; now it would only be called artifice if the diamonds were fake.
artist / artifice /// 1530s, "workmanship, the making of anything by craft or skill," from Middle French artifice "skill, cunning" (14c.), from Latin artificium "a profession, trade, employment, craft; making by art," from artifex (genitive artificis) "craftsman, artist," from ars "art" (see art (n.)) + facere "do" (see factitious ). Meaning "device, trick" (the usual modern sense) is from 1650s.
artist / artifice /// artifice and outright fakery Marsha Hunt and Thulani Davis have no need for this kind of artifice. ˈɑːtɪfɪs

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