chastise türkçesi

chastise (v)
to physically punish someone / to criticize someone severely
More Examples
he chastised his colleagues for their laziness / The traditional whipping-stick the accusation of being photographic used to chastise artists was now extended to include cinematography. Tom chastises her for her past recklessness but agrees. Juditha Brown sent a personal letter to the judge chastising her for her ruling. Just a flirt, she chastised herself, and probably a married flirt for all that. Fool! she chastised herself, giving herself a shake as the buzzer on the microwave announced that the chicken was ready. Coleman chastised the board for not taking action sooner. Then some old women placed themselves at the front of the mob, alternately calming the children and half-heartedly chastising them.
About Word
Chastise is a fancy word for telling someone that something they did was really bad. If you pick your nose, your mom's gonna yell at you. If you do it in front of the Queen of England, your mom will chastise you. Back in the Middle Ages, chastise used to also come with a beating––that sense of the word has passed, and in fact, people tend to use chastise when they are trying to accuse someone else of overreacting. "You're chastising me for forgetting to feed the cat, but it's not like the cat died!"
chaste / chastise /// 1275-1325; Middle English chastisen, equivalent to chasti (en) to chasten + -s- < ? + -en infinitive suffix

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