Cinema viewing, table chart

The table illustrates the cinema viewing figures for films in terms of country in million.
Overall, there are 4 countries. In all countries watching action films was the most popular with the number of 29.9 million. The total viewing figures of India and Ireland was almost the same.
Cinema viewing number of India was greatest in India with 24.5 million while the figures of Japan was the least. In all cinema viewing number of India was the greatest except for horror films. The number of watching horror films was the most popular in Ireland, the number was less than 3 times in Japan.
In both New Zealand and Japan the romance movie viewing was the same (4.5 million). Besides that, the number of both comedy and action was almost the same. The figure of New Zealand (4.7 million) was more than 2 times in Japan (2.2 million).
It is clear, watching the film was most popular in India and in all countries viewing action film was the most trendy as well.

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