golden age

altın Çağ
golden age çevirileri
altın çağ
golden age, heyday, halcyon days, Saturnian age
huzur ve mutluluk dönemi
golden age
golden age için tanımlar
an idyllic, often imaginary past time of peace, prosperity, and happiness.
Critics could rightly charge that the report had waxed nostalgic about an imaginary golden age .
golden age örnekleri
the golden age of cinema
The golden age of building in Shanghai was the period between the two world wars.
Yet this big screen resurgence cannot compare to the original golden age .
Comedy is supposedly enjoying a national golden age at the moment.
Elsewhere, the empire is generally considered to have been enjoying a golden age of tranquillity and prosperity.
The citizens imagine an ideal golden age without the need for labour.
She is like a screen siren from the golden age of cinema - composed, elegant and glamorous.
It celebrates not only Christmas but the artistic and commercial peak of the golden age of popular song writing.
Now, the golden age of Cordoba is evoked as a symbol of the harmony that might be possible in the future.
the golden age of cinema
It is clearly a handsome design from an era some proclaim to be the technical golden age of Scottish housebuilding.
he hankered after a lost golden age
The truth is that the golden age isn't exactly imaginary.
They looked back longingly to a mythical golden age in a medieval past.
Critics could rightly charge that the report had waxed nostalgic about an imaginary golden age .
But the evidence proves the Mesolithic was hardly a golden age of peace and universal goodwill between people.
Most of the rest of the media seemed to join in, yearning for a lost golden age .
The golden age was a constant springtime of pleasure, peace, and contentment.
That leaves grunge, which is indeed emerging as a golden age of rock, perhaps the genre's last hurrah.
It is an imperialist movement, yearning for an imagined golden age which it hopes to recreate.
Are these events recorded to tantalise us with a past golden age in which we can have no part?
The past thirty years have been a golden age for the study of cognitive development.
The 17th and 18th centuries saw a golden age of frame-making develop in France.
Opening the new season on January 27 is That'll be the Day, a riotous romp through the golden age of rock 'n' roll.
So many greats in an era that we now know was the last golden age of heavyweight boxing, an era over which he reigned supreme.
They hate the dynamism and boundless optimism of its people while they are static and look backward to an imagined golden age .
Research has shown that knowledge of this art had its golden age at some remote period in the past.
Arthur legends have an apocalyptic tone to them: once upon a time, there was a golden age , now lost.
History has already anointed the 1970s as the last golden age of American cinema.
It's an homage to both the history of the building and the golden age of cinema.
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