redundant çevirileri
unnecessary, redundant, superfluous, unneeded, needless, gratuitous
unnecessary, redundant, needless, excessive, inessential, unneeded
gereğinden fazla
unnecessary, excrescent, superabundant, redundant, more than enough
ihtiyaç fazlası
işten çıkarılmış
anlama katkısı olmayan
lâf kalabalığı olan
redundant için tanımlar
not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous.
this redundant brewery has been converted into a library
Eş Anlamlılar:
unnecessarynot requiredinessentialunessentialneedlessunneededuncalled forsurplussuperfluous
redundant örnekleri
As I read them, those words are entirely redundant .
How many doctors are made redundant or sacked, have to change career completely, or go bankrupt?
You may have mortgage payment protection insurance to cover the monthly amount should you have an accident, go sick or are made redundant .
Because these systems include redundant components, even strong perturbations may lead to only a subtle phenotype.
The original St John's Church became redundant in 1938 and was once threatened with demolition through road-widening.
Remember that the options available to individuals leaving employment are the same, whether you are made redundant or not.
Their financial situation intervened however, and finally I was made redundant , along with two other employees.
Working as a legal executive, Tony was made redundant seven years ago after 27 years in the business.
‘I had been thinking about this idea for some time and, when I was made redundant , it seemed like a great time to try it,’ he said.
As much as 75 per cent of e-mails are made up of redundant or unwanted messages.
The Congress found this system to be redundant and unnecessary for this effort.
A redundant power supply, as well as emergency backup, is essential.
In addition, each of these components will also typically have redundant internal components.
All of us feel sympathy for employees at factories and plants who are made redundant by companies based in other countries.
This initially took the form of the Redundancy Payments Act of 1965, which obliged employers to pay compensation to employees who were made redundant .
My partner was made redundant last November and hasn't secured further employment as yet.
On Friday last, 32 people that were made redundant left the company but these redundancies had been finalised before the takeover.
He said: ‘I was made redundant and then they found me a job as a clerk at Paddington Station.’
Ellis has not left a redundant word in this script; it's fast-paced, full of content and directly relevant to the lives and experiences of the audience.
Some coaches feel this insurance is redundant and unnecessary.
Two years ago, up to 250 workers were made redundant .
The fax machine has been rendered almost redundant as information and documents are routinely exchanged at the press of a button.
Workers who have been made redundant will be able to make claims up to £280 a week for pay, holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and redundancy.
A number of the employees were made redundant but the receiver hoped to carry on with the remaining workforce until February.
David was a farm manager, but he was made redundant last year and so we decided to try to go into business ourselves.
One area which could come under the spotlight is the state's property portfolio and the disposal of redundant property and land.
There is a single path for power and cooling distribution, with no redundant components; all systems are N.
The council claimed its ambition to support the results of the scheme financially could not be achieved unless more than 120 employees were made redundant .
Another report, assessment and approval by City Council would have been redundant and a wasteful expenditure of time and money.
More than 50 were made redundant on the spot and the rest were kept on for a few days, but I expect they'll be gone by Friday as well.
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