satranç ve iq

There have been and still are ongoing discussions on whether IQ is connected to chess or not. I shall, in this article, state my hypothesis on this matter and provide as much proof as I can. If there are any arguments against my case, I expect them to have some form of proof as I here provide.
Here is the breakdown of my article:

I. Hypothesis
A. Is IQ equivalent to intelligence?
B. The breakdown of IQ according to its developers
III. Chess
A. How the brain works with chess
B. Potential chess rating
IV. Chess and IQ
A. Study of chess and IQ
B. Which factors of IQ correlate with chess and the brain?
C. IQ level and chess rating specifics
V. Likely Conclusion

I. Hypothesis
There is a definite correlation between IQ (intelligence quotient) and general chess rating / level of chess play. This correlation can be attributed to several different factors which will be discussed shortly. The clearest correlation will be obvious in a particular chess rating range / group of players and with a particular IQ range.

IV. Chess and IQ
It should now be clarified that IQ involves several factors [which do not sum up to total intelligence] including: visual comprehension (of patterns, etc.), understanding of English to a limited extent, understanding of mathematics, and the ability to connect these factors to solve problems based on each of the three aforementioned areas. Another clarification, for chess rating: a limited ability to make further connections regarding combinations in chess can lead to a maximum or near-potential chess rating. Now, let’s comprehend a connection of chess and IQ based on previous studies.
A. Study of chess and IQ
A 1979-1983 study, described in an article by Dr. Peter Dauvergne in July 2000 focused on how chess affects the development of children. These children were made to study chess for a particular amount of time: 60-64 hours over a period of 32 weeks. Chess increased the children’s creative thinking significantly; creativity is not a factor of IQ tests, but some creativity may be important in recognizing complex patterns, sometimes seen on IQ tests.

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