IELTS ACADEMIC WRITING TASK decrease and increase words

Advanced Graph Vocabulary
Use “price change” as an example. Following is a list of useful words to
describe movements and the degree of change. Instead of using the same
words constantly, you should try to demonstrate that you are able to use a
broad range of vocabulary. Remember to alternate between verbs and
nouns when describe graphs and use adjectives and adverbs to make your
description more accurate.
§ The price went down - fell - dropped - declined - decreased steeply.
§ The price collapsed (= suddenly decrease).
§ The price plummeted/ plunged (=suddenly and quickly decrease).
§ The price tumbled (= to decrease quickly and by a significant amount, to
fall greatly in value in a short time without control).
§ The price suffered/ experienced/ saw a steep/ sharp decline/ decrease/
§ There was a plunge/ steep fall/ drop/ decline/ decrease in the price.
§ The price sank to a new low/ go into free fall/ sank to a low point.
§ The price increased/ grew/ went up/ rose rapidly.
§ The price shot up.
§ The price soared/ leaped/ climbed to a new peak/ hit a peak/ reach a
peak/ reach a high.
§ The price soared/ rocketed to a high of 80% (=large and sudden rise)
§ The price enjoyed/ saw a leap/ a steady rise/ a sharp increase.
§ The price is erratic.
§ The price fluctuated/ moved up and down.
§ The price fluctuated sharply/ wildly/ slightly.
§ The price rose and fell over the period.
§ The price went through/ experienced a period of erratic behaviors/
erratic period/ a period of volatility/ a volatile/ wild fluctuation.
§ The price then recovered, regaining its previous level.
§ The price regained its previous level.
§ The price dropped/ fell back to the January level.
§ The price shot up again to 500.
§ The price bounced back to 200.
§ The price bounced back after a steep plunge earlier this week.
§ The price made a steady recovery.
§ The price was steady.
§ The price remain stable/ constant.
§ The price leveled off.
§ The price did not change over the period.
§ The price ... before stabilizing at.../ settling down to a more stable
§ The trend was definitely/ obviously upward/ downward.

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